Some time management tips

July 14, 2017

Semester 2 starts on Monday. So, now’s a good time to get organised. Here are a few tips:

  1. Write down all your dates

Find out all the important dates (assignment due dates, quizzes, exams etc.)

  1. Plan your study

Make up a study plan. Start by filling in tutorials and lecturers.

Add in other commitments (social activities, work etc.)

Find some gaps and  fill then in with study time.

Revise your plan on a weekly basis and spend 5 minutes filling in your study time with specific tasks, such as write an essay plan.

  1. Write down a list of tasks
    Look at your Stream site to find out what your specific tasks are each week.

If you’ve got an assignment due use the Assignment Planning Calculator to break it down into smaller tasks.

  1. Prioritise your tasks
    Work out what order to do things in (use the due dates and work backwards).


For more on time management and getting organised go to:

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