StudyUp: Online workshops on avoiding plagiarism and writing a paragraph

March 6, 2017

StudyUp sessions this week are as follows:


How to avoid plagiarism: Learn what plagiarism is, why and how students get in trouble for it and how to use ideas or quotes from your research effectively

Wednesday 8 March 7:30am 12:00 pm 7:00pm

How to construct a paragraph Learn how to structure paragraphs effectively

Thursday 9 March 7:30am  12:00pm 7:00pm


These are half-hour online sessions. To participate, click on about 5 or so minutes beforehand to check that everything is working (if not then run adobe’s pre-flight check before logging in then run the sound check for Adobe Connect once you’ve logged in). If you enter as a guest (rather than logging in with your student details) can you please use your real name (first and last name), just so that we can have an accurate record of students participating.


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