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Hi, everyone, my name's Wen! I’m from Malaysia, and I moved to New Zealand when I was four, along with my parents and younger brother. I love music (from pop, to rock, to classical), drawing, and just about every kind of animal there is. Like many of you reading this blog, 2016 marks my first year in university! In Semester 1, I was enrolled in pre-vet, however, I didn't make it in. This semester, I'm doing a Bachelor of Science, double majoring in Genetics and Microbiology. It's been an interesting year so far and I'm sure it'll continue to be one! I always like to look on the bright side of things, and with that outlook I hope I’ll be able to share my experiences of uni life, as a first year, with you all!

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To Vet or Not to Vet

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Hello again, and welcome to Semester 2! Firstly, a big well done to everyone for working so hard last semester – despite the caffeine-driven nights of frantic revision (or actually learning the material in cases like myself, because Procrastination is my middle … Read More