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My name is Sean Rutherfurd and I am a second year Mechatronics Engineering student. I've lived in New Zealand my entire life and went to high school at Rangitoto College. Despite my mathematical and scientific degree, I have a great enjoyment of the performing arts. At high school I performed in a couple of productions and spend some of my free time writing. Besides the performing arts, I enjoy a number of nerdy things, such as numerous video games, tabletop games and would be interested in trying other things, such as cosplaying or LARPing. On the whole, I like to think of myself as a relatively rounded individual, and hope that shines through my writing. Enjoy.

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The End?

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As I said in my first post, all things must start. As much as something must start, all things must end and as the university year comes to a close, so too does this blog. A Year Well Lived This … Read More

A Convoluted System

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Hello again. Three weeks in and things are starting to get back into the usual routine. So far I’m not really struggling with anything. The only major thing is convolution. A mathematical operation that is usually reserved as a last … Read More

Back For More

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Hello and welcome back for another semester. By now, you’ve managed your way through a semester, in my case I have now finished my third semester. Any non-honours degree would mean that I were halfway through my degree. Engineering, on … Read More

Why I Changed My Major

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Partway through this semester, I decided to change my major from Mechatronics to Engineering and Innovation Management (EIM), still with a minor in Mechatronics though. You’re probably thinking “No! What about all the robots and stuff?” Well, I’ll tell you … Read More

The Beginning

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All things that are must start somewhere. Every new year begins on the first of January. Our lives begin when we are born. Fitting then that this blog start as my second year of uni begins. I am an engineering … Read More