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Fakaalofa lahi atu and Talofa, my name is Seamus I am half Niuean and Samoan, I am a Communication student at Massey University and I am currently in my last year of uni, YAY. What I love doing is writing creatively, I love to write because that is my passion, and it helps me put all my creative ideas into words. Not only do I enjoy writing I also enjoy cooking, if you must know I am a good cook. Other than that, I like doing active activities such as walking through the mall into the food court, bush walks, beach walks and a bit of running…anyways, my aim as a blogger is to share the university experience, not only my experience but also the students around me. But my main goal is to motivate and to encourage you through my writing! Happy studying and happy living everyone in New Zealand and out there someplace in the world!

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Fight the bad habits!

Seamus Seamus / Auckland campus3 Comments

Every semester we tell ourselves we’re going to be a better student by passing all our papers, and to not procrastinate like we did last semester. But we fall through, and end up with the same results or worse. Obviously we lie … Read More