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Ever get that feeling you know someone before you actually met them? Well that's me. You know me already, I'm that guy who reminds you of Richie McCaw, without the height, good looks, rugby ability, humility and John Key doesn’t dream of me in his sleep I have the two children, 1 has Autism and he’s totally awesome, the other is 5 and she has me wrapped around her little finger and it is because of them and my wife that I find myself as a full time distance student working towards a Bachelor of Agri Commerce. This semester I’ll be juggling five papers, being a stay at home dad, helping my wife run a dairy farm all amid bringing peace to the world, feeding the starving and single handily stopping climate change. Hopefully I can keep you updated as to my progress without curling up in the corner in the foetal position crying myself to sleep. Good luck to everyone who like me, sees education as the tool to construct a better life for both myself and my family. Feel free to say ‘Hi’, in doing so you might help me keep my sanity.

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I can clearly remember the moment I decided I was going to leave farming. Continued low milk prices had forced cost cutting that made farming a life I no longer wanted. I was grumpy, struggling with motivation and increasingly pessimistic. … Read More