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By Tray Ketcher
Degree: Bachelor of Animal Science (re-trying for VetSci)
Campus: Manawatu

M.U.S.A. (Moderately Unique and Seriously Awkward)

If you’re like me, you’re from a small town where the world revolves around high school and everyone knows everything about everyone else. You can’t even walk down the street without someone pointing out that you had, in fact, worn those pants for three days in a row.

But if you’re not like me, I gotta be honest, I envy you. The freedom of a large city encourages individuality and entices the development of personal interests and the realignment of personal boundaries.

Palmerston North, in my opinion, is the best possible place in the whole wide New Zealand in which to begin the exciting (and even slightly terrifying) journey into adulthood and the career you have worked all of your life to achieve.

Moving to a new city, whether bigger or smaller than the home you came from, can always be daunting. New faces, new streets, new routines. But the atmosphere in Palmy is purely for the support of the first years to the city, both international and from the great Aotearoa. So rather than wetting your pants in panic, you’re more likely to be way too relaxed and (accidentally) forget about the study you’re ‘supposed’ to be doing; creating an ever-growing pile paperwork on your desk.

Palmy is perfect for those who desire to live their life to the fullest but who also struggle with the anxiety of being surrounded by strangers and unknown streets (you’ll find that everywhere leads everywhere). A welcoming vibe is a constant in Palmy, and students are relentlessly supported wholeheartedly by both the university and the greater community.

I’m glad Palmy is home. I have become the best me I could possibly be and am surrounded by the people I love most, all of whom I met in this strange new city (plus one from home – love you Hannah).

Must do list for all first years:

  1. Take a group photo in front of the Massey University sign (a loner’s option is possible, although it may be hard to get the best angles and lighting on your own)
  2. Catch up on every single show that has ever been created to lull you into a false sense of relaxation.
  3. Take a group photo in front of the light wall under the clock tower in the square at night, best when the colours are rainbow. (a loner’s option is also possible but please try and make friends)
  4. Watch the latest Disney movie for the 10th time (if the entire script remains unknown, press play again)
  5. Speculate what your first tattoo will look like, but continue to put off getting it for the remainder of your time at Massey
  6. Get a group photo of you taken at the Daily or Shooter’s. (a loner’s option is possible but go and get some friends)
  7. If all else fails, buy gum or offer to order Dominoes and you will have friends to take photos with.

To all my fellow M.U.S.A (Moderately Unique and Seriously Awkward) buddies,

Have a good week and make the most of it 🙂

Guest blogger

Guest blogger

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