Surviving & thriving in the capital: things to do in Wellington

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By Lexie Clare
Degree: Bachelor of Business
Campus: Wellington

In my experience of being a student, there is a tight-rope that must always be walked, between having fun and having no money. Here, I have some pro-tips here for how to enjoy studying in Wellington.

1. Walk to Uni

I mean, obviously not if you live in Porirua, but if you live around the central suburbs of Wellington, you may as well take advantage of just how compact this city is. You’ll also be able to wear away at the feeling that you should be doing more exercise and of course, save money.

2. Stay on the look-out

There are so many events and cool things happening all the time in Wellington, but you need to be vigilant about checking websites such as:

And I’ve only just realised how useful Facebook is for this too (am I the only one?) under ‘Explore’ click ‘Events’.

3. Go up Mount Victoria lookout on a clear night

Take a date, take a thermos, take in the view. Seeing the city from up high makes you think about all sorts of profound and meaningful things. If you go up during the day, you can take comedy pictures by the canon, and if you go at night, you can see the stars.

4. Shop at Recycle Boutique and Savemart

Missions out to Savemart can be hit and miss but I always make sure I browse Pinterest for ideas, eat before I go and keep an open mind – and I usually come home with a score or six. Get involved with the woolly jumpers, potentially merino for $10 or so; you’ll be needing that come July. And when you’ve worn your swag, and you’re over it, take it into Recycle Boutique, get money for it, and spend that getting new (old) threads. Such a fan of second-hand clothing.

5. Pizza Pomodoro has $10 margarita pizzas on Wednesdays

I’m not joking! So good. If you can, eat only half and reheat the rest for lunch at uni.

6. Check the weather before you leave the house in the morning

This one is a no-brainer to me, so sorry if it is to you too, but we need to be real with ourselves: a sunshiny start to the day by no means you’ll make it home warm and dry (the reverse can also be true. Use your smartphone for its future-reading capabilities and dress for climate success.

7. $5 Yoga and dinner

Not only is $5 much less than you’d pay for a regular yoga class, at Bhakti Lounge, that price includes a vegetarian meal! Text that friend you wish you saw more and hold them to a weekly session.

8. Magpie Lawn

If you haven’t already found your way around the Botans (Botanic Gardens) well, then you’ve got an upcoming stroll and read afternoon organised right there. In summer, though, there is the perfect place to congregate once the week is over and to revel in chips, cider and a Frisbee, and it is called Magpie Lawn.

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