The top 10 spots on Massey’s Albany campus

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By Ashneel Prasad
Degree: Bachelor of Arts
Campus: Auckland

People always ask me why do you always rave about Massey University – Albany Campus. Their first reaction is always “Its just a normal campus, what’s so special about it?” That’s not it! There’s lots of interesting places on campus, and here’s “Ashneel’s top 10 spots on the Albany Campus”.

10. Chicken wing

Starting with number 10, is the (in)famous chicken wing. Even though I too agree, a golden Ram would’ve been cooler than a golden wing (and that KFC should give us free fried chicken), I’ve gotten quite fond of the wing. Art is supposed to be bizarre, and the wing is what distinguishes the Albany campus from every other campus in New Zealand. And plus its always a fun thing to “shade” the wing with your friends on a “Sunny” day, while eating your sushi.

9. Chaplaincy

I’m always poor Monday to Friday (except Thursday, cause that’s when I get my allowance from Studylink), and Chaplaincy is always my savior. The people over there, are always ready to welcome you with a hot drink. And just petting and playing with “Richie McPaw” (the in-house dog) just de-stresses you. Its the best feeling in the world.

8. The tunnel

Not many people are aware of the secret tunnel that links Atrium to QB Building. The tunnel becomes my savior in the winter and rainy days. When I have a good hair day, and the weather tries to ruin my perfect mow-hawk, the tunnel comes as my savior. And it also gives me a Harry Potter vibe.

7. Ferguson

Who doesn’t love a cheap pizza? Ferguson’s pizzas are delicious and cheap – what a combo! And Thursday nights are always lit. Fergs is the ultimate hangout spot on campus.

6. Massey Library Theatre

This is a hidden gem that I’ve grown to love. Since I’m a media student, sometimes I can’t make it to the screenings of movies. The library theatre not only gives me a world class theater view of the movie, but also gives me and my friends privacy, which normal theatres can’t.

5. The pods

This is the holy grail on campus. Only a certain few lucky people get the pods daily. This is the ultimate.

4. Food for thought

On a really stressful day, all you need is the yummy food from Food for thought cafe, and the regular hi’s and hello’s from friends doing another bachelor’s degree. You’re certain to have your mood brightened up at the Food for thought cafe.

3. ASA lounge

Light music, pool, bean bags, free milo and a friendly ASA executive team – what else do you need? There’s something always on at the ASA, and its fun to be a part of the activities.

2. GYM

If you’re a person like me, you’d be the last one at the GYM. I don’t like to do exercise, BUT if its a fun exercise like soccer, volleyball or just a friendly game of tag, and plus a full length mirror for selfies – GYM has got me sorted out.

1. Dane Mitchell’s Vaporous Sculptural Act

For those getting confused by the complicated title, this is the smoke thing that comes out of the ground, in front of SNW Building. Whenever I’m stressed, I just go and stand on top of it, and pretend I’m Marilyn Monroe. Stress debunked in seconds. And plus its always entertaining to see the Fire Brigade on campus every 2nd week cause some first year student thinks Masssey is on fire.

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