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By Brooke Tamepo
Degree: Bachelor of Science double major in Human Nutrition and Physiology
Campus: Auckland

If your anything like me your first year is going to be hectic! Trying to squeeze a training, work, and study schedule all in to one can be a wee bit tricky.

However, there is a knack to surviving the whirlwind journey they call first year and I’m here to share my top four tips:

1. Invest in a planner you love

Nope, no ordinary planner is going to do the trick. I have been through countless numbers of whiteboards, to-do pads, diaries, and scheduling apps that I used for all of two seconds, then abandoned for the rest of the semester. Why didn’t they work? Because I wasn’t compelled nor was I motivated to use them.

It was not until I found my shiny floral designed planner, that had everything from to do list to a food and exercise log, that I actually discovered the wonders of planning.

When choosing your method of planning think about what type of person you are. If you are very goal-orientated then a planner with a checklist would work wonders, if you are very visual choose a planner that’s a little outside of the box, more artsy, and has places to doodle.

2. Write everything down. EVERYTHING.

Something magical happens in our brains when we write things down. It is almost as if writing a due date on paper kick starts your brain into planning ahead.

For courses write down the due dates of assignments, exam dates, readings for the week, etc. I even recommend breaking these goals into smaller do-able goals. Slowly work backwards from the due date and write down weekly or daily tasks.

For example:

  • Monday: Complete Conclusion
  • Tuesday: Proof-read essay
  • Wednesday: Check over reference list

This way when you are working on your assignment you will know the exact goal of the day or week and can be efficient with your time.

3. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

There are so many resources available at Massey to help you in all aspects of your student life, so USE THEM!

I highly recommend getting in touch with the awesome people at the Academic Advice Hub. They are great at listening to your current situation and finding the best way for you to plan your study. Whether it is advising you on the courses you should take, how many you should be taking, or simply answering any questions you have about your study they always help you find the best solution.

4.Remember you are only human!

Something us busy students are guilty of is overloading ourselves. We want to do and achieve so much that we forget to give ourselves a well-deserved break. Working non-stop can be super exhausting mentally and physically and lead to array of different problems.

Give yourself time to unwind and relax. Leave time in your busy schedules for going out with friends, binge watching on Netflix, reading a book (that’s not written by some well-known professor), or anything else that you like to do to just chill out. Give your body this time to recharge so that you’re ready to conquer the next week of work!

If you have any questions about planning feel free to comment below. So guys let’s get our planning underway so we can make 2017 the greatest year yet!

Guest blogger

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