On Cat Videos and University Degrees

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By Brooke

Degree: Bachelor of Business

Campus: Distance/Online

I have this problem. With cat videos. And how easily they distract me.

I think it’s a common one these days, but it’s one that may shortly get me into some strife. Really, I’m blaming ‘cat videos’ but they are just a cute furry symbol of the huge amount of rich, abundant useless internet content that is going to distract me from Distance Learning at Massey University.

Having to study a Bachelor of Business full-time via distance learning AND working a full-time job does not give me many hours to waste. I have been one of the masses that has sat down with the very best intentions of completing something worthwhile on the internet. Healthy ambitions, like budgeting, planning my week and more! Only to be struck down by the terrible cycle of refreshing a Facebook newsfeed and wading through an endless Twitter timeline.

I could blame the websites, but really, it’s just another form of procrastination. As such, I’ve looked towards three tools to help me out before I reach for that ‘New Tab’ temptation.

Kill News Feed is an amazing little tool through Google Chrome that turns off your Facebook news feed. If you decide to switch on to Facebook, you are greeted by a lovely blank page. This still gives you the ability to use messenger, so useful if you are using it as a tool to connect with a study group.

Another great Chrome tool is StayFocused – this one allows you to block off those huge time waster websites. But it also gives you a break after a certain period, so you can boost your spirits with something fluffy doing something stupid on Youtube.

Guilt yourself into working hard with another productivity app on Chrome! When you open a new tab Momentum throws you an inspirational quote, photo and learns your name! You can even throw your current goal right up there in the middle of the screen. So, if you do open that new tab, it’s going to remind you what you are currently not doing at that moment.

Distance learning promises to be challenging, so developing healthy study habits early on is incredibly important. Alongside a good physical workspace, we must keep our online study space clear and structured. Setting careful hours for each paper, keeping off those ‘danger’ sites and reminding yourself of your current goals…

…and maybe the occasional cat video.

Guest blogger

Guest blogger

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