You did it… The first half is done!

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The first half of semester one is now done, after all the excitement of the big changes you’ve made in coming to university, you made it through the first four weeks! Suddenly university feels very real this week, I feel it as well, and this is my second year of study.

I thought now that the first half is over I would give you some of my tips to take into the second half of the semester:

Get organised now

I cant stress this enough – I am fortunately a chronic planner, and already have my diary colour coordinated, and details to within an inch of its life. But honestly I only learnt to do this after many years of failing to plan, and as my wise Mother said to me ‘failing to plan is planning to fail’, and as usual my Mother was right (She loves it when I say that!) Use the wall planner that the student association gave you during orientation, write all the ominous due dates on it and all the exciting things coming up as well – whip out the coloured pens and highlighters it makes it so much more fun!

Actually go to class!!

I know this is a no brainer, it does seem easy to skip one or two classes, but trust me it’s a slippery slope, one turns into the rest of the semester. Come exam time you’ll regret it when you’re up at 2am trying to learn from the commonly sparse PowerPoint slides – I’m sure they do this to catch us out! Also don’t forget that you have personally paid $800+ to take this one class, this works out to roughly $66 per week, your 30 year old self will thank you for not wasting that money not going to class!


This is one thing that gets kicked further and further down the priority list as the semester goes on, and I’m sure that’s already started ☺, but you do actually need sleep – another thing my wise Mother was right about! I am one that values my sleep, and over my years at university I have realised that I’m a pretty cranky person if I don’t sleep enough – so don’t just do it for you, do it for your friends too – no one wants to be the cranky sleep deprived friend!

Take time out to do you

I know university can get very busy during the second half of the semester, when suddenly all the due dates have crept up on you, but to preserve your sanity make sure you take time out to do something you enjoy! Exploring the new city you’ve just moved into is always fun, I’m still exploring and I’ve lived here for a while now! Or something quick – I enjoy going to the gym after a long day of classes, even just for half an hour, it’s not a massive commitment, but it gets you moving after a long day of sitting in a lecture theatre.

Other than these small pointers – go and enjoy yourself, first year is about trying new things and figuring out who you are – high school is behind you and we are now all big adults, a scary prospect I know, but it’s so much fun!!

Sophie Fisher

Sophie Fisher

Hi, I’m Sophie and I’m a second year Nursing student at Massey’s Wellington Campus. I’m in my early twenties, and have come to nursing a bit later, as I had an interesting start completing a Bachelor of Arts in Politics, International Relations and Geography (although I can’t navigate a map…). I am originally from Masterton, and in my spare time, which is not very often, I like to go to the gym, walk at the beach near my flat, and go out with friends for dinner and drinks. When I can, I love to head home and get out of the busy city life. I look forward to sharing my thoughts on university life and everything I have learnt from my few years as a student!

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