Goodbye room! The Final Diary of a Freshman

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Taken in the earlier days of 1.02. That bed is so comfy it is near impossible to get up for a 10am class.

Taken in the earlier days of 1.02. That bed is so comfy it is nearly impossible to get up for a 10am class.

Dear Room 1.02

Congrats, you have scored the best room in the whole village.  No, seriously.  You have the luxury of two windows that let the sun in all day, one of them framing a sweet view of the campus.  The other may look out into the carpark, but you will be the first to know if anything exciting happens, like seeing a clamp finally clasping itself on “that guy’s” wheel who always steals your park.

The view!

The view!

The location of your new abode is very ideal.  It is right by one of the main lecture buildings, so you can leave your room when your class starts and still be perfectly on time.  You are in the closest to The Ferguson which will be your new go-to on a Thursday if that’s your cup of tea (or shot of tequila in this case).  It always showcases a large proportion of Te Ohanga Village, so it makes for a cool night.  Also, since you live on level one it doesn’t matter how stumble-y your state is upon your return, as your journey will be stair free.  Or if you prefer to be a hermit, your room is as far away from the front door as you can possibly be on the first floor, so you can hide away in peace.  It really is a room that caters for everyone.

Pukekos infront of Pukeko hall. Talk about convinient timing

Some conviniently place Pukekos infront of our hall.

I will do my best to get the coffee stains off the desk and find every stray bobby pin on the ground before I leave, and then it’s all yours.  You are now the third inhabitant of Pukeko level 1, room 2.

Not going to lie, I’ll be really sad to see it go.  Even though the halls can seem a bit institutional at times, your room can be as homely as you want it to be, and I definitely have made a home out of mine.  I can hardly remember what it looked like without my constant clutter of pens and paper sprawled over the desk and concert books on the shelf. It definitely hasn’t hit me yet that I’ll be packing everything up soon for another summer of “would you like a 10 cent bag with your purchase?” back in Mata.

But this summer I’ll be going into full time work with a completely different attitude, because now I know the lifestyle I’m saving up for is completely worth the lack of vitamin D.  The whole experience, University work included, has been an absolute blast.  I’ve loved getting to live with so many different people at once, being so close to the beach, and the independence of life away from home.

If you’re coming from a smallish high school like I did, remember you have people from all over the country (and the world) to choose mates from, so there are no worries about not fitting in.  The Halls really are a social butterfly’s paradise.

It’s no secret that University and the Halls are expensive, so much so that I didn’t think that coming to Albany would be possible. It was a massive sense of achievement when I managed to save enough pennies, and all the hours I put in makes me appreciate this year tonnes. So know that if you are slugging it at the end of a 50 hour working week for this room, I know how you feel, and it’s totally worth it.

University and living on campus isn’t for everyone, so I can understand if you hand back your keys early.  But even if you are slightly unsure about coming here beforehand, there is no harm in giving it a go.  Looking back I am gutted that I was considering not studying because University was falsely portrayed as a dim life of thousands of words, APA referencing and a diet of two minute noodles.  Yes, some weeks are like this, but they are easily outweighed by the enjoyable ones. This year has been way better than any I spent at college, but everyone is different so just go with your gut!

Like the last episode of a long running sitcom, in a few weeks I’ll be nostalgically packing my things and leaving my room to you.  Take care of her (seriously, you want your bond back) and enjoy.  I hope this year is as great for you as it was for me!

Much love,

The current 1.02.



Hello! My name is MacKenzie and I’m a concert loving, travel craving lass who is kicking it in Kiwi-land with exceptional music, friends and family. Appreciator of everything from nicely cooked toast to finding two bucks on the ground. Currently adapting to big city life after coming from Matamata, a land where there are no traffic lights and the shops are actually closed on Sunday. I believe in fairness for everyone which is why I chose to study Communications, so my voice is heard and I can fight for the underdog. People and pet lover, sister, daughter, car singer. Oh, and most importantly, a first year Massey student. Welcome to the diary of a freshman.

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