The End?

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As I said in my first post, all things must start. As much as something must start, all things must end and as the university year comes to a close, so too does this blog.

A Year Well Lived

This year as been a roller coaster. It’s had ups and downs, and everything in between. It’s had fast parts and slow, times that were frightening and times that were dull. From the relatively relaxed start to each semester to the hectic endings, this year has been… interesting. I’ve learnt all sorts of things, like what an opamp is and De Morgan’s Theorum and how to come up with great ideas for products. I’ve always believed that it is not the simple, straightforward life that is worth living, but instead it is the life of complexities and eccentricities that is the best life. Not to say of course that a simple life doesn’t have its merits. I just don’t think it’s for me. Therefore, by my definition of a good life, this year has definitely added to mine.

A Review

As I have learnt throughout engineering so far, one should always reflect on and review what they have done at the end of any process. This year has taught me a few things. Things that I may need to keep in mind for next year:

  • Do the work as soon as you can. It makes things easier later.
  • Help people if you can. Teaching is one of the best ways of learning (for me at least).
  • Get to know the lecturers. They know everything you are going to be tested on and more.
  • Where you can, pick projects you are passionate about.

Things I reckon I did well:

  • Understood the material instead of just rote learning material. Rote learning may get you the grade, but it’ll be useless in the real world without understanding.
  • Kept going even when it seemed too much. Sometimes your mind can get worried unnecessarily, and it won’t help you.

I hope the above can help those of you reading.

Thank You For Reading To The End

Throughout this year, I have written these posts. It has always helped put things in perspective for me. For that, thank you. If you guys weren’t reading this, a part of me wonders if there would be any point to it. Because of that, I probably wouldn’t write this. Despite that, I would recommend all of you to write down your thoughts on how things are going. When things are bad, it may let you see where the bad stuff is coming from. When things are going well, you can keep it as a reminder of good times for when things aren’t. Once again, thank you for being the reason for me to do this.

Now for the final farewell… perhaps. I hope that I will be able to continue this in the future. If I can keep doing this, I will be able to regale you all with tales of my upcoming summer practicum. I hope you have enjoyed my writing as much as I have enjoyed writing it. So, signing of for the last time this year, farewell, adiue, auf wiedersehen, and goodbye.



My name is Sean Rutherfurd and I am a second year Mechatronics Engineering student. I've lived in New Zealand my entire life and went to high school at Rangitoto College. Despite my mathematical and scientific degree, I have a great enjoyment of the performing arts. At high school I performed in a couple of productions and spend some of my free time writing. Besides the performing arts, I enjoy a number of nerdy things, such as numerous video games, tabletop games and would be interested in trying other things, such as cosplaying or LARPing. On the whole, I like to think of myself as a relatively rounded individual, and hope that shines through my writing. Enjoy.