The Confessions of a Teenage Adult

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5 things I have done that my mom wouldn’t approve of:

  1. Had 2 vodka sunrises at a toga party.
  2. Swam further than 5 metres from shore on orientation day’s trip to the beach.
  3. Stayed up ‘til 1am talking to friends.
  4. Took the wrong bus and ended up at a military school rather than the mall.
  5. Locked myself out of my room at 12:30 in the morning.

5 things I have done that my mom would approve of:

  1. Went to all my classes.
  2. Worked out a budgeting system.
  3. Made my bed (almost) every day.
  4. Survived?

So, here I am. A new-born adult tasting for the first time the sweet zest of independence. I mean, look at me. I’m typing away on my laptop on a bed that I made without my mother telling me to, awake and productive by 11:27am with a can of V in my lap. Guys, I’m drinking an energy drink. With caffeine in it. I’m such an adult. I’m responsible for so many things now – laundry, my meals, living. It feels amazing. Living in the Halls of Residence has offered so many opportunities to realize that I sort of suck at looking after myself, but hey, that’s okay, everyone else sucks too (except that one 25-year-old on the third floor). By the end of this I’ll have learned to kick booty at this whole surviving on my own thing.

I’m going to get straight into the clichés. The first week at Te Ohanga, I really explored things I’ve always wanted to experience. It’s kind of great having no parental supervision (sorry, mom). Just last week I swam preeeetty deep into the ocean at the beach with a friend of mine. It was AMAZING. What was even better is that what’s forehead deep for a 5’2” person is just chest deep for the 25-year-old I mentioned before, so I was pretty glad he decided to join us swimming, always good to have a tall friend with long arms, just in case. I caught a bus alone and got lost alone, but I also found my way back home alone. I made my own lunch and did my own laundry. I did my budget and sorted out my StudyLink applications, all on my own. I’m just a tad proud of myself.

The first week of university has been the challenge I predicted it would be. It was like being in a movie with a predictable plot line. Girl meets intimidating new environment, girl works hard to get used to intimidating new environment, girl gets overwhelmed and wishes she could go home to unintimidating familiar environment and pet her dog to make everything okay. The classes are alright, but I know they won’t be for long. Soon, I’ll have to delve into things I’ve only heard of on The Big Bang Theory; things like Quantum Mechanics and something called Thermodynamics. Am I excited? Pft, no. Okay, maybe a little bit. Yeeeah, I’m pretty excited. The rush of completing some complicated problem is pretty worth it. Who needs vodka when you have physics? Right? Right??? The beginning is always full of uncomfortable situations but soon, you get to the part where the girl struts out of class, head held high, hair glinting in the shine of artificial lighting because she knew what the lecturer was talking about. Fingers crossed that scene’s coming up soon in my movie.

One thing I’m loving about this place though, is that everybody is so incredibly nice. That’s the beauty about everyone being in the same boat as you are. Freaked out? Knock on your neighbour’s door and they’ll totally understand. Homesick? Talk about it with some strangers and they’ll hashtag relate. Need relationship advice? That experienced 25-year-old on the third floor is turning out to be pretty useful. I’ve learned that although I’m out of the house with no parents around, there are still people here that I can rely on and talk to. Believe me, that first day after check-in I felt so, incredibly alone. I was in a new place surrounded by new people, with intimidating large males walking up and down my hallway. I was freaking out. I’m a 156cm, 53kg Asian chick, by the way, so, from my perspective these guys were giants. But after a while, I realized that they were just 6-foot teddy bears and pretty good friends.

What I’m really trying to get at, here, is that being away from home and starting university is a rollercoaster experience. Everything’s exciting, new, and just a teensy bit really scary. But, for me, there’s that rush that comes with the unknown. Two weeks ago I had no idea I would be sitting in a library with three really good friends, people I just met last week, writing a blog. It’s thrilling how with each new day, there’s no concrete way of knowing just what’s going to happen. In high school, your day was planned for you. Wake up, go to school, come home, study, and repeat. Don’t get me wrong, there are still aspects of that life now, but with spontaneous spur of the moment “let’s go for a bush walk behind the university” events that you just don’t see coming.

To summarize?

This has been one bloody good week.



Well, hello there. Let me introduce myself. My name is Tania Thamrin, I would ask you yours but I’ve been told this is a blurb about me, so, sorry. I am a first year student at Massey University studying the Bachelor of Food Technology and have moved out of home to reside in the Halls of Residence on the Albany campus (Weka, woo!). I have a dog called Bruno, the cutest thing ever, a BichonxShihtzu and I miss him dearly. Oh, and a mom and a dad and a brother, I miss them too. I’m from Indonesia (but why do you look Chinese?) but my great-great grandparents were from China. My go-to stress food is Reese’s Peanut Butter cups – semester started yesterday and I’ve already had two. I’ve reached my word limit, so if you see me around, say hi! I promise not to run away.