The Bumpkin’s Habit Clash

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The Diary of a Freshman Chapter 8

Massey University Albany Campus

Massey University Albany Campus

View of the Kaimai Rangers from my home in Matamata.

View of the Kaimai Rangers from my home in Matamata.


After being at Uni for a while, coming home has become kind of weird.  Both environments are completely different, and switching between the two really highlights the habits I’ve subconsciously picked up from both.  Here are the main ones that the Halls of Residence has bestowed upon me, making me contradictingly become more selfish and appreciative… and maybe even a little less bumpkin.

Shower Schedule

At Te Ohanga I can have a shower at whatever time for however long I like, one of the most awesome things I noticed when I began living in the halls.  After getting used to this freedom however, returning to country life on a tank water supply became pretty difficult.  Selfishly I forgot that I had to compete/ compromise with four family members, a load of dishes and the washing machine just to have a shower.  It definitely makes me appreciate the rain, gas water heating and having four nearby bathrooms to choose from at the halls!

Teens cry for Wifi

Better internet was one of the things I was really looking forward to when moving up to the big smoke.  We only got Wifi at home last year, so dial-up internet and using a month’s worth of phone data in a week was a very real thing.  Having to accept when something wouldn’t load was a norm even when we could finally get Wifi up our end of the Wops, as the strength and speed is still a bit sloth-like.  Somehow though, my appreciation for Massey’s super-speed internet morphed into an expectation, and I found myself turning into the sort of person I used to laugh at: someone who gets frustrated over slow internet.  Having to wait 10 minutes for one snapchat to open does not cut it at home, and I am scared at how quickly I turned into a 21st century wifi-craving teen.

Food for one

It took me a while to grasp that if I bought a big block of chocolate at the halls, I didn’t have to share it like we normally would at home.  With this realisation my self control went out the window, and I can now almost down an entire block in one sitting, which could be seen as an achievement or a worry.  Buying for one took a bit of getting used to, and I definitely over purchased in my first few ventures to Pak ‘N Save.  Now it is just a matter of remembering to just eat one row of chocolate and not needing to write my name on the food in our fridge at home.

Say what?

The Halls can be quite echo-y and have much more background noise than at home because of the hum of the city.  Also, situations like dinner and hanging out in social hubs with lots of people creates a constant noise to compete with.  So when I returned home to only hearing the odd cow moo and passing tractor, I began talking much louder than necessary.  Every few sentences my family has to remind me to stop yelling, and I am always having to ask them to repeat what they’ve just said, which is rather tiresome for both parties. The longer I’m at home the better it gets… or I’m deaf and in denial, who knows. But I assure Mum that it’s not intentional!

The more I go between home and the Halls, the more I realise how much of a creature of habit I am and how we really do become a product of our environment, even if the changes are small.  Luckily for me, home is only a $10 bus ticket away, so I won’t forget to appreciate a strong wifi connection or the blissful quiet of the country in a hurry!



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