Spinning yarns in New Delhi

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This country is absolutely beautiful and anyone can tell you that, but what has really made this experience, from one month ago back home in Wellington to starting our time here in India, are the people. Especially, for me, my partner.

Once finding out about amazing opportunity we had been given, we were paired accordingly and our design process was initiated over various forms of social media. The entire development so far has been incredibly rewarding, facing the challenges both over the Internet and together in our final stages of development. Personally, I am aspiring towards knitwear design and to be paired with a knitwear design student with such a high calibre has been so valuable and inspiring. She is also an incredible tour guide taking me to various hidden gems to buy our knitting yarns, a process which was very different to how I would back in New Zealand, where were seated in a private office in Noida and shown small handfuls of each fiber before seeing them all displayed and then bargaining for a price.

Also everyday at lunchtime she takes us all out to try a different restaurant so that we can really get a taste for the culture within our limited time. Yesterday we went to a south Indian restaurant where we ordered various Thalis, Paneer and Naan dishes, which were incredible. I have loved every moment of it so more and so excited for what the next few days bring.

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