Semester Two and The Flu

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Whoop dee doo, Semester Two has begun and I have gotten back into the daily grind with a skip in my step and a song in my heart. After three weeks of mindlessly catching up on episodes of favourite TV shows that were cruelly yet necessarily neglected over the final study scramble, I am glad to say that I have approached this new semester with the appropriate gusto. Classes have started, friends have reunited and the traditional ‘new beginnings’ parties have been thrown. Life is great.

Unfortunately, such is the nature of life that all good things must come to an end. It would be utterly fantastic if good things stayed good and perhaps this may be the case in the lives of those in possession of incredibly good Karma, but I am sad to say that that is not the case in this sweet life of mine. “Why?” you ask? Well, this virus ridden meat sack I call a body has betrayed me. Anybody who knows where I can find a healthy one, preferably with abs, please contact me ASAP.

My body has finally surrendered to the germ infested outside world. Despite diligently washing my hands before every meal and staying warm during the winter, I have succumbed to the common cold. After many a night puzzling over the origins of my ailment, I have come to the conclusion that the borrowing of a raincoat from a sick friend was the source of this series of unfortunate events, and not, as my mother calls it, “making kissy kissy” with my previously sick boyfriend. Just goes to show, socializing is risky, people.

Throwback to when the days were warm and the noses were clear

Throwback to when the days were warm and the noses were clear

On the harrowing realization that I live in the dormitories on campus, an arrangement famous for its reputation as prime breeding ground for viral illness, I apologise to my fellow dorm-mates for my role as ground zero for any impending flu outbreaks in the hall. It is with a heavy heart that I report hearing a fellow hall mate blow his nose repeatedly over the past hour. Please, stay warm and drink lots of fluids. As per the usual arrangement you have probably grown to expect, I have devised a list of things to do and not to do during these sick times.

  1. Be wary of combining various cough remedies.

I have only become aware of this very recently, in the last few hours to be exact. In my desperate attempt to feel better, I ingested many things I thought would be helpful. However, taking a few too many throat lozenges, cough syrup, ginger tea and orange-lemon tea over a period of 24 hours may become a source of discomfort for the delicate ecosystem of your stomach. Being a creature of habit, I also had coffee with my breakfast. It wasn’t a good idea. Feelings of nausea ensued. I successfully held everything in, though. Yay for me. Despite this, it’s worth to note that my throat does feel somewhat better.

  1. Chocolate is an itchy throat no-no.

For the first time in my life I am the only person who monitors what food I eat. My mother isn’t around to tell me off for eating too much junk food or to warn me that chocolate is bad for an itchy throat. Well, people, chocolate is very, very bad for an itchy throat. Last night, my desire for assurance that I will survive this manifested in the form of comfort food. My tastebuds relished in the sweet goodness of Cadbury’s Oreo chocolate bar, but my throat punished me with a night of guilt over keeping up my neighbours with my relentless hacking.

  1. Stay warm.

    Yesterday was the third day I spent holed up in my room if I wasn’t at class, and I’d had enough. I needed fresh air and social interaction, so I decided to brave the wet and cold weather and go to the mall. Today, my cough has evolved to include the complementary headache and blocked nose. Stay warm people.

So, that is all my advice for those who are experiencing the winter blues. Feel free to send me some of your own, I am willing to try anything. I wish good luck to my fellow hall mates and hope this cold starts and ends with me. Also, shout out to my neighbor who braved the halls to offer me some soothing orange tea for my traitorous throat, it tasted lovely. I shall go and use this as an excuse to spend my evening binge watching The Big Bang Theory instead of studying for my math test next week.



Well, hello there. Let me introduce myself. My name is Tania Thamrin, I would ask you yours but I’ve been told this is a blurb about me, so, sorry. I am a first year student at Massey University studying the Bachelor of Food Technology and have moved out of home to reside in the Halls of Residence on the Albany campus (Weka, woo!). I have a dog called Bruno, the cutest thing ever, a BichonxShihtzu and I miss him dearly. Oh, and a mom and a dad and a brother, I miss them too. I’m from Indonesia (but why do you look Chinese?) but my great-great grandparents were from China. My go-to stress food is Reese’s Peanut Butter cups – semester started yesterday and I’ve already had two. I’ve reached my word limit, so if you see me around, say hi! I promise not to run away.