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Passion |ˈpaʃ(ə)n| noun1 [ mass noun ] strong and barely controllable emotion: her passion for visual communication design left her conflicted while trying to choose electives.

I never would have thought that my biggest problem with University is also the thing that makes it so great. The range of papers it offers. Sitting at my desk reading through every available degree guide and prospectus, I ask myself, “How do I bloody choose?!”

Starting with over twenty-five options I narrowed it down to five before I tensed my shoulders realising, I have to go lower. As much as I would love to increase my elective intake, I’m unsure my brain and body could handle more than the usual two. I’ve discovered this past break, I rather enjoy sleeping at night and being able to wake up in the morning. So a decision must be made.

Internship, Art Direction, Brand Experience, Information Visualisation, and Editorial. Shit. I’m stuck again.

I refresh my decision making process how many students might in this day and age, by taking to social media. Seeking the knowledge of an older generation of designers, I go through the Massey forums of Twitter and Facebook asking for descriptions, recommendations, advice, and general decision/ life help.

After receiving copious amounts of feedback from students equally passionate about each and every paper they took, I found myself in even more trouble. Funny how something that brings so much enjoyment in your life can also drive great stress. I suppose that’s the thing with passion, the good parts and the bad, it consumes you.

Where will each paper lead me? What will be the most beneficial for my future? Which will I love the most? Who will I become? Of course these questions are rather deep rooted so I leave them for my own mind to ponder rather than unleashing them upon the rest of the world. Unfortunately I am extremely aware that only myself and time can answer these soul-stirring questions.

So I’m down to four now, two to go. Let’s see if I can make a decision. Good luck to my kindred spirits who are struggling through this as well.

This one’s to the passionate people.



Hey all I’m Melanie! Let’s just start by saying I’m a little quirky. Definitely a sharer, I’m open to life and excited to see where it takes me. Originally from Christchurch, I now study Visual Communication Design at the creative Wellington campus. I also work on our Student Association’s Events Board, creating major social events like the Wellington Ball. Obviously I’m interested in design and events, I’m also weirdly obsessed with organisational stationary; but that’s a story for another day. With fear of sounding like too much of a hippie, my main goal in life is to be happy. I’m in my third year of a four year degree so finding a balance between uni, flatting, work, health, and a social life… well it’s an interesting process to say the least. Welcome to my life.

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