Furry friends of India

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One of the most entertaining and odd things in Delhi and India in general are the animals.

Cows are sacred, apparently you will be imprisoned if you touch one. They are big but harmless and prefer eating rubbish over actual food.

Monkeys will eat things out of your hands, they come in groups and you’ll find them in the most unexpected places! (like our University campus)

Pigeons and Dogs are everywhere. Dogs have a different feel to domestic dogs that we are used to seeing. As cute as they may be we keep our distance from them.

Chipmunks! were an unusual surprise at the Taj Mahal. Most of us had never seen them before so they were keeping us very entertained in front of one of the worlds most beautiful buildings.

Horses and donkeys are used for transport and carrying goods.

And last but not least goats are great pets in India!

As an animal lover, India is a fascinating place where you can encounter all sorts.

Guest blogger

Guest blogger