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One of the great things about engineering is that I get to create so many things. I make things in my papers from synchronous counters using flip flops to a fully functional coil winder. I also get to use some of the facilities in the engineering school for personal projects.

PCB Project

Recently there was an assignment where we had to make a PCB. For those not accustomed to engineering lingo, a PCB is a printed circuit board. PCB’s are often used when prototyping . For the design, we used Eagle, a very handy PCB design software.


A PCB board in Eagle

Above is a fairly simple (incomplete) PCB board. From this, all you have to do is process it through the CAM file of your choice and then you have the files to put into the PCB machine. What comes out looks something like this:



A PCB I prepared earlier

As you can probably tell, the board doesn’t fit the final PCB. That’s so that you can see that you can make anything. This is only one tool of many. In the engineering school, we get to play with lots of things.


Things like, the only limit is your imagination, and, if you can think it, you can make it, aren’t just platitudes for an engineer. Engineers are paid to create and, while I’ve said this before, we use our imagination to come up with things others might not consider. While I’m not yet a fully fledged engineer, I get to imagine and dream up great things. Not only that, but everything I’m learning is helping me make those dreams real.

Digital logic teaches me how to make circuits that do things previously only possible for me with programming. Signals lets me see things in way that lets me dream up systems that can do all sorts of things. Hardware programming gives me the tools to make all sorts of electronic components do whatever I want them to, within reason.

The Pitch

I guess what I’m saying is that if you love to create and you’re not afraid of a few numbers and some science, I would encourage you to consider engineering. Perhaps you dream of being a writer. Engineering will help you create worlds that are realistic. If you want to be a scientist, engineering will let you integrate your discoveries into useful devices.

Yes, this whole post has kind of been an advert for engineering, but not without good reason. I do a degree I enjoy and see no reason for others to not share that enjoyment. Nonetheless, do a course you will enjoy. Even if it isn’t engineering, if you enjoy it, you are doing the right thing. To paraphrase many quotes and inspirational posters, if you can find a way of being paid to do what you love, you’re doing the right thing.

I hope life is treating you all well and I wish you the best in all your endeavours. From me, I will say goodbye and godspeed in whatever you do.



My name is Sean Rutherfurd and I am a second year Mechatronics Engineering student. I've lived in New Zealand my entire life and went to high school at Rangitoto College. Despite my mathematical and scientific degree, I have a great enjoyment of the performing arts. At high school I performed in a couple of productions and spend some of my free time writing. Besides the performing arts, I enjoy a number of nerdy things, such as numerous video games, tabletop games and would be interested in trying other things, such as cosplaying or LARPing. On the whole, I like to think of myself as a relatively rounded individual, and hope that shines through my writing. Enjoy.