Assignments and Placement…. How do I juggle it all..!?

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A common issue that every single university student comes across, nearly every semester is the fact that every assignment seems to have simultaneous due dates, it’s like someone somewhere is conspiring to hit us with the largest possible amount of work, but in reality it’s simply that the point when all the assignments are due is when each lecturer has covered all the necessary material to help you, and it just so happens to be at the same time.   It is arguably made 100x harder when you have a nursing placement to contend with, as we all know about the added workload of paper work required to pass placement.

With nearly two years of my BN done, I have had a lot of trial and error trying to find the best way to stay organised, and not let the work pile up – because trust me, all nighters when you’re trying to contend with placement is the worst idea ever.

The way I solved my issue is to break out my trusty diary – yes I understand I am very obsessed – and plan everything, and with placement starting for me again next week, that
is what I have spent a bit of time doing this week, and thought I’d share how I do it.

IMG_0074Start the semester (or now) with all your assignments written down

  • Grab your course outline and double check all the due dates and write them in, this will ensure when your flicking through your diary you’ll have a memory jog, and nothing will slip through

Having all the assignment information written down, like due time and percentage of grade is helpful

Have a separate placement to do list

  • There is a never-ending amount of paper work to be done when you’re on placement, and from personal experience, you really need to keep on top of it. The self-assessment is something I always have written down from day one, to jog my memory because it’s something that is best chipped away at throughout placement – not the night before it’s due!
  • There is also always a specific task to be completed for each placement – know what this is and have it written down, things like this are easy to miss, and best to be done by the middle of week two

How I organise a typical week – daily plan on one side, and multiple to-do lists on the other

Write down small goals for each assignment

  • I like to have all my research completed and printed prior to writing an assignment, so this is something I can do slowly while I’m on placement to take the load off when it comes to writing it, especially when its due mid-placement.

Write things in pencil

  • This is less of a tip and more of an OCD organisation quirk I have. I like to write everything in pencil, because due dates and appointments constantly change, and I can erase them and shift them to different dates without confusing myself on when things are actually due- there’s nothing worse than thinking you know when something’s due in, and then finding out it’s been moved to two days earlier.

Sophie Fisher

Sophie Fisher

Hi, I’m Sophie and I’m a second year Nursing student at Massey’s Wellington Campus. I’m in my early twenties, and have come to nursing a bit later, as I had an interesting start completing a Bachelor of Arts in Politics, International Relations and Geography (although I can’t navigate a map…). I am originally from Masterton, and in my spare time, which is not very often, I like to go to the gym, walk at the beach near my flat, and go out with friends for dinner and drinks. When I can, I love to head home and get out of the busy city life. I look forward to sharing my thoughts on university life and everything I have learnt from my few years as a student!