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aEfinalHave you found any good Halloween costume ideas?
Spooky Sonny, 19

Good to see that even with Halloween being the first day of exams, people are still getting into the spooky spirit!

Sonny my favourite creature of the night, your Halloween costume can easily be seen as a reflection of who you are as a person. Are you the ironic type, hitting a punchline with current events? Then dress up as Donald Trump! It’s not original, there will be many out there sporting the orange look. But there will be just the same amount with the killer clown look going… Don’t be one of them! My old heart can’t take it.

Maybe dress up as your favourite superhero, get inspired by what you loved as a kid! There is nothing quite like reliving that childhood nostalgia, even when you have to buy your own lollies now.

You could make a play on words, a quick google brings up this gem of a blog post. Be aware that puns aren’t always a crowd favourite, so be prepared for plenty of sighs and eye rolls!

Or go the easy way, paint on some whiskers and grab some cat ears from hello banana. Or go the zombie route, it’s a wonder what some YouTube tutorials and a little time can give you.

I hope you have a wonderful Halloween night with plenty of tricks and even more treats!
xxx Eee


We have a secret Santa thing coming up, what do I do if I don’t really know the person?
Gifting Gideon, 18

We live in the age of social media my sweet… You can find so much with a little light stalking for a good cause. Hence a reason for social media stalking to be a skill!

Now I’m not condoning that you dig into their past like some mad hatter. Look at their Instagram, it is true that people photograph what they love. See their facebook for what they share! I got a girl in high school a poster of her favourite movie one year , strangely I only learnt her name that week!

Also, try the asking their friends approach. Be aware this comes with the possibility of being revealed before you want to be known. You do get some quality info though, nothing quite like a friend to know a little too much about you.

A3 LANDSCAPE ARTWORK TEMPLATEIf you don’t want to personalise it as much, there is always food, flowers, teddies, or something from Kmart. Kmart is a treasure trove of things to get someone you hardly know for a fair price! Maybe check out their stationary section, every student needs a nice pen.

Lastly, good luck with your gifting!
Xxx Eee


What is the best way to do a party last minute?
Countdown Katy, 20

Image result for partyYou need three things to have a great night. PMS! People, music and snacks.

It doesn’t matter if it’s new years, a birthday or a post exam wind down. Because the same three components can make anything fantastic.

I’m partial to a good Spotify throwback playlist and some cheap booze, and the best friends I have. Since good people will always give a good time.

You might be more of a chips and fizzy kind of person, though, be aware of the cavities associated with being this type. Or a chocolate and apple juice gal! A good movie marathon can be the perfect night in with the friends, but they can also get a little long.

For a night out the key is, remember mixers and ice. Get the shuttles called before the party, and pump that music up really loud. A helpful hint from your good old Aunt Eee, is to warn the neighbours! People always forget, but if they know it is happening they will be much more forgiving.

Good luck with the party pally!
xxx Aunt Eee

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