A Warm, 43 degrees Welcome to India

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Today was beyond epic! In the morning we were lucky enough to attend a press conference for Education New Zealand at the New Zealand High Commission in Dehli. It felt very homely hearing some familiar kiwi accents again!

We got to meet Grant McPherson who is Education New Zealand’s first Chief Executive and the reason we all get to have this amazing experience in India. It was so nice getting to thank him in person and tell him a bit about what we have been up to so far. He even mentioned in the press conference how we “squealed with excitement” as we described how overwhelmed we have been by the abundance of fabric choice here in India!

I knew this trip was going to bring many surprises but I did not expect to meet one of New Zealand’s legendary cricket players, Stephen Fleming. As a cricket fan myself, I felt tremendously privileged to get to talk to him about our time here in India so far as well as hear some of his own experiences.

This was also the first time we got to meet the Indian partners from the other University, Pearl Academy. It was so nice to see that they have all bonded together as much as we have with our partners at NIFT.

After many group photos, the High Commission provided us with an amazing lunch full of beautiful Indian dishes that gave us the energy we needed to get back into finishing off our collections.

Louise, Tia and I headed back to NIFT with our partners to continue working on our garments. I continued to work on the jacket that Chhavi (my partner) and I recently decided to add to our collection, while Chhavi headed out of town to start getting our fabrics digitally printed with the print she designed for us.

I can’t wait to see what it turns out like, we are both nervous but so excited, hopefully the results are what we expect! We have another full day planned for tomorrow, final fabric sourcing in the morning and then hopefully we can wrap up the pattern making so we are all ready to get stuck into final garments!

By Kristen Meaclem

Guest blogger

Guest blogger

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