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SheepMilkNZ stand at National Fieldays 2018
Craig and his team of students and staff ran the SheepMilkNZ stand as part of Massey’s offering at the 2018 National Fieldays from June 13-16 at Mystery Creek near Hamilton. The stand, a joint venture with Spring Sheep Milk Company, offered farmers information on how to enter the industry, along with tastings of a special sheep milk smoothie and various other giveaways and promotions. Nearly 3000 samples of a special yoghurt-based smoothie, developed and made by food technology students Maheeka Weerawarna and Zoe de Vulpian were given away, along with 500 cardboard models of dairy sheep, and 200 copies of a new children’s book, ‘My Granny Milks Sheep’ written in English and Te Reo by Dr Prichard. The stand was redesigned and built for the 2018 Fieldays site by industrial design student Justin Hughes with a grant from Massey’s Pukeahu ki Tua contestable fund. On the stand this year with Dr Prichard, Mr Huges and Ms de Vulpian were volunteers, microbiology PhD student Alexis Risson, Dr Tanu Gupta and animal scientist Prof Patrick Morel. This year’s offering included cooking demonstrations in the Fieldays Cooking Theatre of sheep milk-based recipes by SheepMilkNZ ambassador chef Marc Soper.

2018 marked the third visit to National Fieldays for Dr Prichard’s sheep milk industry research and development project, which includes organising and running the annual SheepMilkNZ national conference and involves an engagement-based research method that draws on social movement theory and Lacanian psychoanalysis.

Short video of the stand starts at 4.28 in this Massey video: https://www.facebook.com/masseyuniversity/videos/10155954578557851/


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