Changes around main corridor and reception

May 23, 2018

The first stage of seismic strengthening work has begun. This is over part of the Sports Hall roof and along the wall beside the main staff office. As a result some temporary changes have been and are being made to our set-up.

From Thursday 24th May 2018, our staff office has been relocated to the “White House” next door to the Recreation Centre. Please feel free to visit Ron, Orla, Megan, Tamara and Chris in their new abode.

From Monday 28th May 2018, concrete cutting and removal will begin. This will create considerable noise throughout the day. To protect our staff from the constant noise, the reception area will move to an office within the Fitness Centre. Signage will be displayed as to where to visit them. We will be set up with a computer and phone for bookings and other enquiries. Equipment hire for bookings will be located in the temporary receptionist office.

Access to the changing rooms, Fitness Centre, Teaching Gym and Activity Centre still remains.

Any changes to access to any areas will be communicated this through this site, with signs around the areas and by blocking off the no-go zones. When our changing rooms require temporary closure, we will open up our Activity Centre changing rooms.

We understand these works are inconvenient but hope that you can be patient while they are carried out.

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