Pakiri Lab Members

Pete Cannon

Pete Cannon PhD @pakirilab

Current Students

(Pete as primary supervisor)
Liz Nath (PhD candidate)
Alexander Bidwell (BSc Honours; MSc Candidate)
Melanie Te Au (BSc Honours candidate)
Kimberley Templeton (BSc Honours candidate)

Affiliated Students

Pete as co-supervisor)
Roosevelt Lobo (PhD candidate)   supervised by James Liu |Roosevelt’s blog|

Past students

James Martyn (DClinPsy)   supervised by Paul Merrick
Verena Boshra (DClinPsy)   supervised by Shane Harvey
Amanda Johnsen (DClinPsy)   supervised by Shane Harvey
Amy Granberg (DClinPsy)   supervised by Heather Buttle
Bei Li (PhD)
Natalie Peart (MSc candidate)
Anna Hodge (BSc Honours)
Brooke Yelavich (BSc Honours)
Stephen Fraser-Clark (BSc Honours)
Sam Payne (MSc)
Joshua Ziolkowski (BA)
Ella Kroch (BSc Honours)
Kirsten Wong (BA Honours)
Regan Burt (BSc Honours)   supervised by Heather Buttle
Philippa Southwick (BSc Honours)   supervised by Heather Buttle

Research Collaborators

Michael Philipp   Massey University |Michael’s lab|
Joanne Hort Massey University
Emma Buchtel   Hong Kong Institute of Education
Francis Mcglone   Liverpool John Moores University
Susannah Walker   Liverpool John Moores University
Ralph Pawling   Liverpool John Moores University
Kim Wright   University of Exeter
Giovanna Colombetti   University of Exeter
Roger Hurst Plant and Food Research
Suzanne Hurst Plant and Food Research
John Grigor Abertay University

About Pakiri Lab

Most human behaviour relates to emotion: either being influenced by emotions, resulting in emotions, or both. At Pakiri Lab we research these experiences using a range of psychophysiological lab based techniques, such as facial muscle activity and heart activity.

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