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Mixing Methods

Over the past few years I’ve become interested in food and emotion. This has made life a little hard for me statistically speaking. I was trained as a quantitative statistics researcher because these were the tools most appropriate to the research that I was interested in. But more recently I’ve had to learn new skills. […]

Silent running

My blog has been quiet for almost a year now, so I wanted to share why I haven’t been blogging. Psychology is living in interesting times. Many of the statistical methods that are established in the field are being challenged and this has made the day-to-day research life of psychology researchers extra-challenging, but I feel […]

Research in the carrot capital

The School of Psychology at Massey University has recently recruited two new academics with experimental social psychology and social neuroscience expertise. Dr Ute Kreplin has joined us from Coventry University and Dr Aaron Drummond will arrive in January from Flinders University. To celebrate these new appointments our group has spent three days in New Zealand’s […]

What’s in a Name?

We are called Pakiri Lab for a reason. Pakiri is a quiet beach north of the city. But, that’s not the only reason that we’re called Pakiri. Names are important. Think about how long we spend deciding on a name for children and pets. Pakiri is a Māori word and it means smile and show […]

About Pakiri Lab

Most human behaviour relates to emotion: either being influenced by emotions, resulting in emotions, or both. At Pakiri Lab we research these experiences using a range of psychophysiological lab based techniques, such as facial muscle activity and heart activity.

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