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Researcher seeking a Co-Facilitator for April May 2018 Workshops in Wellington

Can a playful evaluation encourage inclusivity and creativity? If you have heard of LARP and fantasy role playing, you are familiar with the two objectives of the game. In the former – players in round-the-table adventures develop the overall game story together. They also go on an intraspective journey — as players accumulate experiences that allow them to […]

Studying Disaster Apps

  2 minutes after midnight on the 14th of November 2016, I experienced the largest earthquake in my life. A 7.8M earthquake struck near Kaikoura that caused severe shaking throughout New Zealand As I evacuated outside my home, I only brought one thing out with me: my smartphone.   Earthquake validated my research topic On […]

Depressed elephant in the emergency services staff room

Responding to emergencies and disasters is a tough job that requires both physical and psychological readiness. At times, however, the highly stressful nature of emergency response work stretches one’s capacity to cope, which results to negative psychological consequences such as posttraumatic stress symptoms and depression. Having support from co-workers, family, and friends helps responders cope. […]

Making Sense of Diversity

We recognise and celebrate the diversity of doctoral students here at Massey University. The academic community is teeming with scholars from different walks of life, different areas of expertise, different cultural backgrounds, and of course, different opinions. As we celebrate diversity, here’s what some of our PhD students in Wellington think of it. Miles Crawford, […]

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