Last week MPOWER (a research group in Massey University’s School of Management) organised a very pleasant forum on the topic ‘Strategic Employment Relationships’. From the call it was declared that two CEOs, two Human Resources / Employment Relations managers and two union organisers would attend the forum. The details are here. I actually liked the idea in terms of having different perspectives on a given issue. Isn’t it the thing we do as academics? To provide various theories on a specific issue and to weigh the balances in terms of their explanatory power. As a (critical) management scholar, believing that organisations are places of conflict and antagonisms due to the imbalance and abuse of managerial power, I wondered what...Read more


There is a great deal of hand wringing, mudslinging and general finger pointing as a result of the Reserve bank announcement of Loan to Value Ratio (LVR) regulations.  The regulations in essence limit the amount of low deposit loans a bank may make...Read more

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What would it be like to have a million students in the same classroom? This is a ridiculous question, of course. But, two years ago, what if the question had been “what would it be like to have 100,000 students in the same classroom?”...Read more

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New Zealand’s dairy giant, Fonterra, was in the news for the wrong reasons again recently regarding the withdrawal of a contaminated dairy product. When the New Zealand Government pressed for more information, Fonterra was slow to respond with...Read more

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It isn’t often an academic like me gets a “scoop”, the chance to say “you heard it here first”. In this case, my close monitoring of the MOOC world has uncovered several threads that when woven together suggest a...Read more


The on-going disputes surrounding the Christchurch City council raise a number of issues in regards to the limits, duties and care of local government and by inference local government management.  Take the latest debacle to hit the council.  The...Read more

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A MOOC Experience

May 9, 2013

Last weekend I was a student again. For the first time in 27 years I was in a course as a student with an assignment due by 4.00pm on Sunday. Here I record a few thoughts about my first MOOC experience. A MOOC is a massive open online course. The...Read more


By Craig Prichard email:   I spent last  weekend at the ‘Creativity Challenge’, a two day conference  on things  artistic,  self-helpful and activistic held  in the always awesome, Taranaki.  ...Read more

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In a recent post, Dr Cardow criticised Paula Bennett’s employment training programmes for unemployed beneficiaries. Given “the absence of employment opportunities that is at the core of the problem” he suggested the Minister for Social Welfare...Read more

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Paula Bennett has claimed that giving beneficiaries two weeks work in the census call centre is an indication of the  success of her government policies in the welfare area.  At the same time she also admitted there were not enough jobs to go...Read more

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The Other Side of Business

Welcome to The Other Side of Business. This is a blog that collects and distributes the opinion and analysis of staff and students from the School of Management, College of Business, Massey University. The aim is to post once or twice a month on current issues in business... Read more