Editorial Board

Editorial Board


Professor Rouben Azizian, Massey University, NZ

Professor Rouben Azizian joined CDSS in December 2015 after spending close to 14 years at the US Defense Department’s Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies (APCSS) in Honolulu where he lectured and conducted research on the Asia-Pacific Regional Security Architecture, Diplomacy and Confidence Building, Security Sector Development, as well as US, Russian, Central Asian and Oceania security issues.

Before joining APCSS, Professor Azizian taught at the Department of Political Studies at the University of Auckland in 1994 – 2001.  From 1998 – 2001 he was the President of the Auckland Branch of the New Zealand Institute of International Affairs.  Prior to becoming a full-time academic he had an extensive career in the Soviet and later Russian Foreign Service, which included assignments in Nepal (1972-1978) as Attaché and Third Secretary; Sri Lanka (1980-1985) as Second and First Secretary; and New Zealand (1991-1994) as Counsellor and Deputy Chief of Mission. Professor Azizian has published several books as well as numerous book chapters, journal articles and working papers on Asia-Pacific security issues. He is a member of the editorial boards of scholarly journals Asian Politics and Policy, Central Asian Studies, Asia-Pacific Journal of Marine Science and Education and Russia and Asia-Pacific.

Managing Editor

Dr John Battersby, Massey University, NZ

Dr John Battersby is a Fellow at the Centre for Defence and Security Studies, Massey University, Wellington, lecturing in Crime, Intelligence and Terrorism.  John spent ten years with the Treaty Issues and International Law Team at the Crown Law Office, Wellington, and 14 years with New Zealand Police.  He was Practice Leader at the School of Leadership, Management and Command at the Royal New Zealand Police College and Commander of the Central Specialist Search Group in Wellington.

John was the inaugural Police Research Fellow at the Centre for Strategic Studies, Victoria University of Wellington in 2016 and has since become a Teaching Fellow at CDSS specialising in intelligence and counter terrorism.   He has published on aspects of the New Zealand Wars, New Zealand security in the twentieth century and more recently on terrorism.  John is a frequent commentator on terrorism and gun control issues in New Zealand.

Editorial Board

NSJ is currently in the process of formalising a permanent editorial board.

We acknowledge the input of a guest editorial board for Issue No. 1 of NSJ, Dr Rhys Ball, Mr Nick Dynon, Dr Wil Hoverd, Ms Dee McDonald, Mr Nick Nelson, Dr Negar Partow and Mr Chris Rothery.

Invaluable editorial assistance has been provided by Ms Nicola Macaulay and Ms Liz Philipsen, with administrative support and assistance from Ms Pam Dolman and Ms Tania Lasenby.