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Week of 21 July

What I am doing this week: It is annual plans and budget 2015 time of the year. It is interesting to consider new and old initiatives and how we are trying to implement the ‘Growing Pearls of Wisdom’ Pasifika strategy in light of tight fiscal environment we live in; As I sit on the Selection […]

14 July

Week of 14 July   My highlights for the week: It was a pleasant surprise to find out on Monday that I had been elected as Vice President of the Pacific Islands Political Studies Association (PIPSA) – a venerable grouping of political scientists and associated social scientists who have in common the study of the […]

7 July

Week of 7 July My highlights for the week: An opportunity arose on Monday for our AVC office’s senior management to discuss priorities for the respective units as well as for the office as a whole. Vision and mission were the topics for discussion. It was interesting to facilitate a ‘table discussion’ at the Redefining […]

First Pasifika/Pacific@Massey blog!

2 July 2014 My week: After a week away on leave, it is good to be back, save for the work that is awaiting me! While away I worked on a number of things including updating my PhD thesis into a publishable state. Fortunately, two of my recent conference papers were based on the theoretically […]

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