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Open Access – A Deceptively Simple Guide

October 24, 2017

It’s the 10th Open Access Week (23-29 October) and maybe a good opportunity to deliver a “state of the OA art” summary of where things are at and what’s going to be happening in the near future and longer term but, to be honest, OA is in...Read more

Open Education Week 7th-11th March 2016

March 8, 2016

This week is Open Education Week. What is Open Education? “Open education encompasses resources, tools and practices that employ a framework of open sharing to improve educational access and effectiveness worldwide” It comprises three...Read more

When is a publisher not a publisher?

July 30, 2015

We’ve put out warnings in the past about the perils of predatory scholarly publishing and if you are still unsure what this means the Wikipedia entry sums it up pretty well. The rise of open access publishing has been great for both authors and...Read more

Free Textbooks? Is that even possible??

October 22, 2014

In Open Access Week it seems an appropriate time to consider the cost of textbooks and the impact the open movement might have on the situation. Open Access Textbooks (OATs) and Open Educational Resources (OERs) are gaining attention worldwide as a...Read more

Open Access Week

October 20, 2014

It’s Open Access Week during 20-26 October. We’re celebrating with an Open Access Panel Discussion on Thursday 23 October, blog posts, displays in all the libraries (this is Manawatū below), and OA biscuits…  ...Read more

A Not Very Simple Guide to Open Access

October 17, 2014

To the consumer of Open Access (OA) scholarly publishing it’s really a very simple thing. You find a link to a journal article, a thesis or a book chapter and you click on it. The document is there, you can read it online or download it...Read more

Open Access Week Panel Discussion

October 8, 2014

The Library invites you to a panel discussion to mark Open Access Week (20-26 October), in the VLT rooms at all Massey campuses, on Thursday 23 October, 12.10pm-1.15pm. Come along to hear a panel give their perspectives on Open Access, followed...Read more

Are you on Researchgate?

August 14, 2014

By now probably most academic  researchers will have heard of Researchgate, which is often described as “a social networking site for researchers”, a sort of mix of Facebook and LinkedIn but with a heavy scholarly focus.  At the very least ...Read more

Open Access Journal Articles – How Much Access Do Internet Users Actually Get?

June 20, 2014

Since widespread Internet access became available about twenty years ago, researchers have seen it as a simple and fast means of disseminating their work within their own communities, and beyond that to other research communities and to the public...Read more

eResearch and the Library – a Q and A

May 21, 2013

What is eResearch? Definitions of eResearch abound and it can be pretty difficult to see any strong distinction between eResearch, eScience and digital scholarship. They are all about applying modern computer and communications technologies to the...Read more

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