Last Summer Before College: Top 5 Things to Do

July 15, 2017

young woman studying at the park


The next morning after prom is the beginning of the rest of your life. You can take a break for a couple of days, but you shouldn’t relax too much. You have a time ahead that full of new challenges and the biggest one is a preparation for a college. Based on my trials and errors story, I’ve prepared a list of things that you should do during your last summer before college. Let’s figure out how to manage them all.

  1. Do all the necessary first

By the time your summer begin you have already known where you’ll be studying. Everything seems arranged but don’t leave the remaining dealings till the last moment. Make sure all your forms, transcripts and fees are sent timely. The last thing you need is a stress breakdown because you have forgotten to send a minor piece of your document package.

  1. Tune yourself in further studying

It’s not the endless studying, essay writing, and project preparing you are thinking about. Parties! Freedom! New friends and new life! That’s what you associate with a college life. Yes-yes, it all goes together, but university time is foremost a hard working. If from the very beginning of your study you don’t care about your academic performance, all your education can go awry. After graduation, it turns out that for employers your overall college GPA matters. With you having no work experience, your college grades are the only metrics of your persistence and diligence. So I advise you to get familiar with such tool as a college GPA calculator before you start giving up on your grades.

Ok, it’s enough of sermons. Let’s move to something more pleasurable.

  1. Learn how to cook

learn how to cook

I bet that as long as you remember, the food just miraculously has appeared on the table with no participation of yours. You might have suspected that your parents stood behind it, but never really knew how it all worked. Well, this summer is your last chance to ask your cooking parent about how not to starve while living on your own. I mean it. College life is often a time when you should mind your budget, so constant eating in restaurants is not the option. It might seem cheaper to eat fast food, but believe me, in the long health perspective, it can cost you a fortune. So build a list of the basic meal to cook in college and practice making these dishes.

  1. Get a driving license

No matter how far from home you’ll be studying: in a couple of blocks or the other state, you must know how to drive a car. Your parents cannot give you a lift till your 50s. And you will hardly manage to be so obnoxious as Sheldon Cooper to make your friends drive you whenever you need. So if you still don’t have your license, a summer before college is a perfect time to pass your driving exam.

  1. Get a summer job

I advise it not only for money reasons but so you could get used to being busy. Starting from your sophomore year, you probably will have to get a part-time job to have enough money for all your activities and paying off the student loan. Combining study and work is quite a challenge, but the worst part is to start working when you have never worked before. If you gain some work experience before college, you’ll know what to expect from another job. Ultimately, you’ll avoid the stress of a first workplace.

These are my best five pieces of advice for your last summer before college. Enjoy it wisely!

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