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Science and advocacy: Does advocacy hurt scientists credibility?

Scientists are most trusted sources of information for the public on important science and technology issues, including climate change. Yet, scientists are often the least cited sources in mass media coverage of climate change—they rank below other media sources such as government officials and NGOs.  Even scientific publications, including the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change […]

Media Use and Public Perceptions of Global Warming in India

ABSTRACT Media plays a vital role in informing the public about environmental threats. Although climate change is a global problem, developing countries such as India are often more vulnerable to the impacts due to poverty, illiteracy, and low public awareness. Using data from a nationally representative survey in India, this paper explores the relationships between […]

The Role of Collective Efficacy in Climate Change Adaptation

Research on adaptive capacity often focuses on economics and technology, despite evidence from the social sciences finding that socially shared beliefs, norms, and networks are critical in increasing individuals’ and communities’ adaptive capacity. Drawing upon social cognitive theory, this paper builds on the first author’s Ph.D. dissertation and examines the role of collective efficacy—people’s shared […]

Why Do Campaigns Fail? Lessons for Campaign Mangers to Succeed

Research Translation Why Do Campaigns Fail? Lessons for Campaign Managers to Succeed The case of the national youth anti-drug media campaign: A critical analysis from a strategic communication perspective Why do a majority of communication and marketing campaigns fail? The success rate of health campaigns in the US is only about 8% on average (Snyder et al., […]

Introduction: Risk and Crisis Communication

  Ki ora! Welcome to 219.312 Risk and Crisis Communication research and teaching resources site. My aim is to post here latest research trends, on-going risk and crisis case studies, and my experiences teaching the course at Massey University. What is Risk Communication? Risks are inherent to all actions in our life. Bad weather, slippery […]

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