This post contains all the information that originally resided on the web site http:// This post serves as a record of the meeting and contains all the webpages as pdf files, the photographic record of the meeting and the Workshop Proceedings that were published as a special issue of the Research Letters in Information Sciences, Volume 8, 2005. 1. IWMS 2005 HOME 2. IWMS 2005: Programme  (see below for Program and Abstracts in sectionalised form) 3. IWMS 2005: Speakers 4. IWMS 2005: Worshop Photo  (see below 20 photos) 5. IWMS 2005: Accommodation 6. IWMS 2005: Other information 7. IWMS 2005: Publications    (see below for the individual papers published in RLIMS Vol 8) 8. IWMS 2005: Pre & Post Tours...Read more

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