Masters & Doctoral Scholars

If you are interested in studying within the HIKER Group towards the masters or doctoral degrees, please, get in touch with one of the team members.

Current research scholars are as follows:


Tatenda Kavhu, PhD Candidate:

Knowledge-driven context-aware recommendations

William Wilson, PhD Candidate:

Quality improvement in complex adaptive social systems: application and evaluation of contemporary techniques in quality management.

Saman Lawe, PhD Candidate:

Traffic flow control and optimisation.

Farayi Kambarami, PhD Candidate:

Computational language model and algorithms for supporting text processing in agglutinative languages of Southern Africa

 Shumirai Mutasa, MSc candidate:

Machine Learning Based Intrusion Detection in Cloud IoT Edge Computing Devices

Recent Past Scholars

Richard Sidimeli, MSc

Monitoring and controlling randomly moving objects in a bounded region: Case study on monitory and controlling farm animals within a virtual fence using the Cloud Internet of Things Paradigm