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Cinephile: Simon Sigley

Transnational Film Culture in New Zealand is a niche publication, written because its author loves film.  Film was the most important medium of the 20th century, Simon Sigley says, “a protean cultural phenomenon with huge industrial and aesthetic ramifications”, and he is fascinated by its changing cultural status in his native New Zealand, the more so […]

Loops + Splices Symposium: Changing Media Technologies, August 1st

All scholars and practitioners interested in film and media are welcome to attend the Loops and Splices symposium on changing media technologies on Friday 1 August at Victoria University of Wellington. The symposium has been organised by Media Studies lecturers Radha O’Meara and Alex Bevan with colleagues from Victoria University.  It will feature a keynote […]

Naomi Richards accepted for PhD in Creative Writing, Lancaster University

Naomi Richards, former creative writing student at Massey, has been accepted for her PhD in Creative Writing at Lancaster University.  “I really enjoyed studying  creative writing at Massey University. Now I’m very excited about starting a PhD in Creative Writing at Lancaster University, in England in October 2014.”  

June 2014: New Zealand stage director, Dione Joseph, heads to NYC for the Lincoln Centre’s directorslab!

Seven years ago budding theatre director and third year Massey University student Dione Joseph left New Zealand to go on a six month exchange to study theatre and film at one (if not the most) iconic college destinations in the world, University of California, Los Angeles. It was an experience that would change this young kiwi’s path forever. […]

May 2014: Kiwi artist joins The Clipperton Project to journey down the mighty Usumacinta River in Tabasco, Mexico

  Artists have always been an eccentric bunch. We expect them to take new risks, venture into the unknown and essentially take the proverbial bull by the horns when it comes to their art. New Zealand writer and director Dione Joseph is doing just that. Well, not literally wrangling with el toro but she is in Mexico and […]

Is tweeting is more important than being there?

When tweeting is more important than being there… New technology is radically altering our experience of far-off lands, says a travelling social anthropologist from Massey University. These days we can have one foot on the exotic land we are in, while the other is back home or in any number of other places, says Dr […]

Massey editor for new-look Poetry NZ

Jack Ross, Massey editor for new-look Poetry NZ Watching an Al Jazeera television item about a young Arab poet spraypainting words of protest on a wall somewhere on the West Bank struck a chord with Massey University English senior lecturer Dr Jack Ross. In his new role as managing editor of the country’s longest-running poetry journal, […]

Actor Antonia Prebble keen to do more Creative Writing

Actor Antonia Prebble basks in completing her BA With timing any actor would be proud of, Antonia Prebble graduated from Massey University with a week to spare till her 30th birthday.  Back in 2002 when the-then teenager had already committed to a career on screen and stage, she told herself that she would also like to […]

May 28th, Arts on Wednesday, Manawatu Campus

Based on the notorious 1954 Parker-Hulme murder, two teenage girls conspire to murder the mother of one of them. This script explores the breakdown of one moral universe and its replacement with another that is potent, powerful and, ultimately, tragic. Students of 139.104 Drama in Performance present a brechtian theatre adaptation of the drama Daughters […]

Radha O’Meara, Media Studies lecturer, researched why we love to watch cat videos.

New research from Massey University has discovered why cat videos are more popular than, say, dog or baby videos: the latter are equally “cute”, but comparably far less popular. The answer, according to Massey University media studies lecturer Radha O’Meara, who viewed hundreds of cat videos online in conducting the research, is in the watching. […]

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