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Creative Writing

Climate Change Creative Writing – Shortlisted

A Mother’s Fury

By Eden Shearer

Mother will not stop yelling

She is casting cyclones

That are destroying precious lives


She has become a home-wrecker

Sowing the seeds

Of volcanic eruptions


She is angry

Causing innocent feet

To flee from their homes

To run far away


We are too scared to look her in the eye

So we keep running

Hoping for grass that is greener on the other side

Only to find that there is nothing left


When will we learn

To stop arguing with our Mother

And to start implementing change?


It is about time we cleaned up our mess

And as they always say, Mother knows best


It is too late to diffuse her temper completely

But we can still use our actions

To decelerate her intensity


Let’s turn mindlessness

Into mindfulness


Oh Mother Earth, we can hear you.



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