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Visiting Fellow – Peking University

David Gruber was recently chosen as one of ten Visiting Fellows to The New Zealand Centre at Peking University, 2017 (http://nzc.sfl.pku.edu.cn/10VFS.html). As a result, in April, he traveled to Peking University in Beijing and delivered an invited talk entitled, “Neuroscience and the Media.” He discussed his own research into the public understanding of neuroscience and outlined future trajectories of the field area, encouraging more cross-cultural and interdisciplinary research projects. During his visit, he also met with professors from Peking University’s School of Communication and Journalism to promote Massey’s School of English and Media Studies. Toward the end of the week, he had the opportunity to visit an English class where he met with students and gave a thirty minute lecture on the importance of re-writing.


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