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Arts on Wednesday, Manawatu host “Socrates Now” by Yannis Simonides

New Zealand audiences will get a rare chance to see the internationally acclaimed theatrical production, Socrates Now, as it concludes its world tour here in April.
This 80-minute, one-man show, presented by Emmy Award winner, Yannis Simonides, puts the audience in a ringside seat at the trial of Socrates in 399BC.
Socrates, the Greek founder of Western Philosophy and so-called “bad ass of Athens”, was sentenced to death because his insightful questioning embarrassed influential Athenians and was claimed to corrupt youth. Hailed by the European Parliament, and the Universities of Harvard, Cornell and Columbia, critics have described the production as “riveting, superhuman, humorous, brilliant and fascinating.”

Following this free performance for Arts on Wednesday, hosted by the School of English and Media Studies, Massey University, the audience will get a unique opportunity to engage with Simonides in a Q&A session – discussing issues like virtue, justice, politics, civic duty, life and death.

New Zealand producer, Vicky Yiannoutsos, says the story is as relevant to New Zealand today as it was to Greek society thousands of years ago. “This show has an almost magical ability to make us question life, love, death, all the issues that make us the people we are. Afterwards, you find yourself asking: `What would Socrates say?’ It is truly transformational. ” Principle sponsor, Network Communication Managing Director, Antonios Papaspiropoulos, says the play throws a much needed spotlight on the issues we face every day. “The curveballs of life, be they social, economic, environmental or cultural, can only be bettered through effective communication. This play showcases how we can all make positive change through constructive dialogue and powerful thought.”

This is the final stop in a show that has toured 15 countries with a staggering 300 performances. Simonides has served as Professor of New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts Drama Department and is founder of the Greek Theatre in New York and the innovative performing arts lab, Mythic Media. He is a recipient of the United States National Endowment for the Arts, and the New York State Council of Arts.

9th April, 12.30pm Black Sheep Theatre, University Ave, Massey University, Manawatu campus.

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