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Ewe Milk Products and Sheep Dairying Conference plans nearly complete


We are slowly locking all the bits and bobs of the NZ Ewe Milk Products and Sheep Dairying Conference  ‘jigsaw’ into place. Lots and lots to do in the New Year but great progress over the last couple of weeks.

Good news items (in no particular order):

  • Our honorary guests, Keith Neylon(Blue River Dairy) Bill Konui (Waituhi Kuratau Trust) and Janet and Miles King (Kingsmeade Cheese), are enthusiastic and keen to contribute  to the proceedings alongside our keynotes from John Ryrie and Lucy Cruickshank.
  • Workshop chairs have been identified, requests from contributions from key people are  locked in (with more to come) and we have a good bevy of registrations (to register click here).
  • The Riddett Institute has joined our awesome group of supporting organisations and will be running an extension of its sheep milk ice-cream and yoghurt tasting research during the conference.
  • Our caterer, Massey’s  Wharerata, is ‘having a play’ with some sheep milk as they plan our Ewe Milk Products conference menu.

To register for the  conference please CLICK HERE . To signal a contribution please CLICK HERE

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