Research Data Management

Do you have permission to (re)use that data?

You’ve used a key dataset – and/or graphic representations (tables, graphs etc) of a dataset – to inform your research and you want to publish it/them in your thesis.

The creator has made them publically available…but just because something can be downloaded from a website, doesn’t necessarily mean you can reproduce it in your thesis.

The appearance of data in different forms adds to the confusion, for example:

  • Students sometimes assume that GNS Science content is re-usable because GeoNet content is licensed under a CC 3.0 license
  • But material on the GNS Science website itself, is copyrighted while
  • The data is CC-BY licensed.

I found three really handy flow charts on the Australian National Data Service (ANDS) which help you navigate the licensing labyrinth whether you are a data creator, supplier or user. They’re linked on the Massey University Libraries Ownership and Access to your Data information page (look under the Licensing sub-heading).

The questions you’ll read in the Data User’s Flowchart¬† (for example) are colour coded:

  • blue for licensing queries
  • orange indicates that caution is required¬†
  • red indicates concern or the need for legal advice, and
  • green indicates you can complete the process.

The most important message from this flowchart (and all of them, really) is: if in doubt, ask the data owner if you can publish the data, or seek a legal opinion.

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