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Data Classification Framework – a traffic light system for understanding data at Massey

Protecting data has been at the forefront of my conversations recently.  Why?  The Data Management Policy, sits in my care.  It promises that in order to manage our data as an asset, that sources of data need to be identified, classified and assigned a Data Custodian.  Wow I thought!  It makes sense – in order to look after data, we need to know what we have, who is responsible for it, and how they are protecting it.  But this ocean is quite big I thought.  How do I start the conversation?  Answer – you just start!

Together with representatives with a keen interest in ensuring our data is protected, we started a conversation – together.  We talked about, the need to classify data.  What the benefits might be, what the implications might look like, to both you and the University.  Together we are crafting our first draft of a Data Classification Framework – classifying our data, based on its level of sensitivity.

The framework is still in its infancy.  It has its own journey to take – but, we have started.  Shortly we will be reaching out to a wider University community to take this conversation broader, to ensure the views of the enterprise are considered.

Conversation 1 – done, tick.

Conversation 2, 3, 4 – to be continued…….

June Wirihana, Data Analyst

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