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Data delivery solutions designed for Massey Genome Service

 A technician from the Massey University Genome Service got in touch with ITS recently asking for help to provide a solution for the delivery of results from its sequencing service to its customer. Based on the requirements provided by the technician, the ITS Research Technology Team applied for a 1TB CloudStor group drive from AARNET (a high-speed network and collaboration services provider).

Two months later, a trial 1TB CloudStor was created. The Genome Service technician gave feedback that this service worked very well for what was required. The service is currently free for this project; however, it is likely to become a paid service at some point.

As an alternative, ITS Research Technology has encouraged the Massey Genome Service to use Microsoft SharePoint. It is a different user experience to CloudStor, but delivers the same information. There is no charge to use SharePoint in this way, which means no additional charges will be passed on to the Service’s clients.

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