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Have your say: High Performance Computing at Massey

Do you use High Performance Computing (HPC) for your research? This is an opportunity for you to inform a roadmap for the delivery of HPC for Massey University.

Information-gathering workshops are being held at each campus during February. HPC generally refers to the practice of aggregating computing power in a way that delivers higher performance, as opposed to using a single resource, to solve large-scale problems and efficiently process demanding workloads in science, engineering, media production, and business.

Help us to understand your College’s HPC requirements. These workshops are open to Massey students and staff so please forward this invite to interested people.


During 2016/17 a collaborative University-wide Research Data Management Working Group was formed to develop an institutional direction on how research data and information will be managed and retained as institutional assets.  The group was tasked with engaging with academics to appreciate the challenges they face and this information would be used to prioritise improvement initiatives, direct investment and discover areas of risk.  During this time a survey was sent to all College staff with follow up interviews with staff who agreed to be interviewed following the survey.  One of the areas of concern identified through the survey and interviewing was HPC.  Key HPC issues identified were:

  • issues with accessing compute resources in a timely manner
  • insufficient compute capacity with some Colleges having inadequate access to infrastructure
  • data on Massey owned HPC cluster is not backed up
  • Massey owned HPC does not have ongoing maintenance budget.

To respond to this a HPC roadmap is being developed that will consider the existing HPC capabilities within Massey University and make recommendations for providing a high quality HPC ecosystem that supports research which is fit for purpose across the University; including internal and external options such as Simurg, NESI, other research institutes, cloud offerings.  Your input is important for informing the recommendations.

The workshop will be 1.5 hours long and will focus on:

  • existing HPC infrastructure being used
  • HPC requirements (includes a discussion on the workload patterns, frequency, deadlines, support etc.)
  • HPC issues and concerns with current options (or lack thereof)
  • future options for HPC.
  • Workshops dates and locations:
  • Wellington, Thursday 1st February, 1pm, Scrum in Te Whare Pukaka, Block 1
  • Palmerston North, Thursday 8th February, 1:30pm, GLB2.03
  • Wellington, Friday 16th February, 10:30am, Scrum in Te Whare Pukaka, Block 1
  • Albany, Tuesday 20th February, 1:30pm, OR6
  • Albany, Wednesday 21st February, 9:30am, AT5
  • Palmerston North, Friday 23rd February, 9:30am, GLB2.03

If you have any questions or are unable to attend a workshop and want to contribute don’t hesitate to get in touch with Sarah Ellison or Patrick Rynhart,, to discuss further.

RSVP to Sarah Ellison,, at least two days before the workshop with which workshop you are attending to ensure enough biscuits are available and there is sufficient capacity in the rooms.

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