APA 7th for EndNote

January 13, 2020

The APA 7th style has been released for EndNote. We expect that it will become the new default with a future update/patch.

Given that the new style is significantly streamlined over APA 6th, users may wish to download and install it to EndNote in the interim:

  1. Download the style [If it opens rather than downloading, then right-click on the link to Save As…]
  2. Double click on the style to open (if it isn’t already open).
    To load it into EndNote:
  3. choose Save As… from the File menu
  4. then save as APA 7th (ie: delete the Copy bit).
  5. Restart EndNote and Word to ensure it loads.
  6. You should be able to select APA 7th from the Style menus via Select Another Style…

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