October 29, 2012

ACADEMIC WORD Access here: 2012 October enigma design or here: An enigma is a fascinating issue or question that is difficult to fully understand. So, an enigmatic artist is someone whose works are very interesting, but does not explain him / herself and people disagree about the meaning of the works. TEST Here are FOUR sentences with the word of the day. But only THREE are correct. Which is the Odd One Out? How to define and measure brand value is one of the central enigmas of marketing. Managers need to address the enigma of higher fuel costs and increased competition. He remained an enigma to the end of his life; someone who was known by everyone but seemingly...Read more

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June 13, 2012

Listen to the recording and watch the video here KIWI PHOTO Keeping an eye on you … in New Plymouth ACADEMIC WORD Deplete is a more formal and academic way to say ‘use up’. In other words, it means that you are using a resource...Read more

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