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Latest Post

No more Library fines

The Library is no longer charging overdue fines, except on items with a waiting list or on short loan. This puts print books on a more equal footing...Read more

Latest Post

StudyUp: Online workshops on time management and strategic reading

StudyUp (an online workshop series designed to help enhance students’ academic writing and study skills) sessions this week:   How to manage...Read more

Latest Post

Studying Disaster Apps

  2 minutes after midnight on the 14th of November 2016, I experienced the largest earthquake in my life. A 7.8M earthquake struck near Kaikoura...Read more

Latest Post

Data Sovereignty

The Research Data Management Working Group has now disbanded, and work is pressing on to address the data management concerns raised by researchers. We’re...Read more

Latest Post

Summer Scholarship Opportunity

If you plan on joining us for postgraduate study in 2018, check out this exciting opportunity! One lucky student will be awarded an 8-week Summer Scholarship,...Read more

Latest Post

How to make your hall/apartment a home

By Kaitlyn Tyler Degree: Bachelor of Communications Campus: Auckland Massey University Auckland may boast a pristine set of brand new halls...Read more

Latest Post

Introduction and the Course 158.335

Welcome to blog for the domains of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Cloud Computing (CloudComp) at  Massey Blogs. This blog will host posts on IoT...Read more