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Minding the Gap: Writing Across Thresholds and Fault Lines

AAWP 19th Annual Conference 2014 30 November- 2 December Massey University Wellington The Australasian Association of Writing Programmes (AAWP) was...Read more

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A Quick Intro

Welcome to the Embodied/Embedded Cognition Lab Blog. We're part of the newly-minted Affect and Cognition Group at Massey University that includes Peter...Read more

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The 'Postdoc' visits Fiji & PNG

by Sharon McLennan One of the advantages of being the post-doctoral scholar on this project is the opportunity to visit both Papua New Guinea and Fiji,...Read more

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New X6 Libraries No Longer Syncing

Endnote X6 is not syncing for newly created Libraries. Existing synced libraries are unaffected. People intending to purchase EndNote may wish to wait...Read more

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What's in a Name?

[gallery ids="51,53"] We are called Pakiri Lab for a reason. Pakiri is a quiet beach north of the city. But, that’s not the only reason that we’re...Read more

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Highlights for the week beginning 8 September:

  The Small Islands Developing States conference in Samoa 1-4 September was great. It was great to see the partnerships being formed around sustainable...Read more

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As I busily write and rewrite my thesis, I am listening this very moment to some old songs that register with me because they operate like a veritable...Read more