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Latest Post

HiNZ 2019 Presentations

HIKER Group member, Dr Derek Buchanan, presented the following topics at the Health Informatics New Zealand Conference 2019, Hamilton, NZ: The MELT...Read more

Latest Post

punctuated equilibrium in New Zealand

The theory of punctuated equilibrium has two important elements, one is that evolutionary lineages can remain morphologically unchanged for millions of...Read more

Latest Post

Knowing when to let go

Do you believe that the measure of a successful negotiation is when one party walks away with all their demands met and their opponent lies defeated and...Read more

Latest Post

New open access publishing option free to Massey researchers

Massey researchers now have another open access (OA) publishing option which is free to them, a recent development in the ever-changing OA landscape. The...Read more

Latest Post

New Forum features included in Stream upgrade

Some great new features will be available within Forums to help organise discussions and improve productivity. Staff and students can now prioritise...Read more

Latest Post

Create1World 2019 - Wellington Programme

For those coming to our Wellington Create1World Creative Activism and Global Citizenship Youth Conference on Thursday November 14 and wanting easily accessible...Read more

Latest Post

Magazine and Press Sheep Milk Features

Below are some of the more recent press resources on Sheep Dairying: 2019 Countrywide October section 2014 Countrywide sheepmilking Section ...Read more