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Latest Post

Kupu o te wiki 20/02/17

The word this week is: pango (pah-ngor) or black Pango is the colour of the night sky. Kupu o te wiki brought to you by the Library's Māori sta...Read more

Latest Post

Time to start thinking about your workload

Semester 1 starts in one week. So, now is a great time to think about whether your workload during the semester is going to be realistic/manageable. A...Read more

Latest Post

Why Distance?

By Hamish Dick, A Kiwi in Edinburgh, Scotland “So you’re student, eh?” “Indeed.” “What do you study?” “I’m in my third year...Read more

Latest Post

Public Plenary Lecture - Celeste Langan

Celeste Langan, Associate Professor in the UC Berkeley Department of English, will be speaking in Wellington at the upcoming RSAA conference "Transporting...Read more

Latest Post

Neliti is opening up Indonesia's research sector

In a way, Anton Lucanus is just a kid from Perth in his early twenties who recently graduated from university. Yet despite his young age, Lucanus is one...Read more

Latest Post

Interested in taking part in a psychology experiment?

The Affect and Cognition research cluster at Massey University is looking for participants to take part in an experiment on perception and behaviour. In...Read more

Latest Post

Endnote Update: X7.7

EndNote has released a new update for EndNote. If you wish to upgrade – go to Check for Updates… under the Help menu (PC) or Endnote X7 menu (Mac)....Read more