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Scalp Replacement Medical Wigs Scarring Cancer, Alopecia And Burn Victims

Hairline Illusions has begun a full-fledged expansion into the business of creating medical use wigs. “We are taking everything we’ve learned over...Read more

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Kupu o te wiki 18/06/18

The word this week is: ngaruiti (microwave oven) Mmm… winter – bring some soup and heat it up in the ngaruiti in the DIY kitchen space. Kupu...Read more

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Squash court corridor access closed

After tonight the concrete cutting and removal will extend into the hallway leading to the dojo, squash courts and squash court changing rooms. This hallway...Read more

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Nights with Frankenstein – juggling BA and family

Writing an internationally acclaimed essay on the feminist themes of gothic novel Frankenstein may not be typical of how mothers spend precious evenings...Read more

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4 ways to survive distance studying.

By Lauren Byrne Degree: Bachelor of Media and Communications Campus: Distance/Online Studying online can be intimidating at first but once you get...Read more

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Free data visualisation training

Being able to tell the story that lies in data in an engaging and visual way is an important skill that helps a much wider (and non-expert) audience understand...Read more