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Essay key component of Walters Prize shortlisted artwork

[caption id="attachment_753" align="alignleft" width="300"] Image from Maddie Leach's collaborative artwork, 'If you find the good oil let us know'[/caption] A...Read more

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Week beginning 25 August

Week’s highlights: It was interesting to give the welcoming speech on Monday evening at the ‘Meet the Candidates’ Tongan community meeting at...Read more

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As I busily write and rewrite my thesis, I am listening this very moment to some old songs that register with me because they operate like a veritable...Read more

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A look inside big scale Ewe Dairying - Waituhi-Kuratau Trust (Taupo)

The Maori TV programme 'Kai Time on the Road' did a fantastic job recently of profiling the Waituhi Kuratau Trust's 3000 head Sheep Dairy operation. ...Read more

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Exploring the corporate perspective

(by Glenn Banks) On a recent visit to Australia I was able to sound out corporate level management from the two mining companies that we are looking...Read more

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The magic of the makeover

On TV reality shows, when something is old and tired it gets 'magically transformed' - in the space of an hour a group of people work very hard, swear...Read more