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Penguins on stage and street in climate change action - Massey University

[caption id="attachment_1926" align="alignleft" width="300"] Donning Catherine Bagnall's costumes for the 'Becoming Penguin' walk are fourth year fashion...Read more

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A peek into the mind of a PhD student

By Josephine Malenga Degree: PhD in Human Resource Management Campus: Auckland When people think of a PhD, they imagine someone who must be very...Read more

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Kupu o te Wiki - 16/10/17

The word this week is: Hui (who-ee as in "egg') to meet, gather, congregate Lets hui, now! Kupu o te wiki brought to you by the Library’s Māori...Read more

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Research Data Management Initiative

The University is working to improve support and services for Massey University researchers in regard to the management of research data. A working...Read more

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Depressed elephant in the emergency services staff room

Responding to emergencies and disasters is a tough job that requires both physical and psychological readiness. At times, however, the highly stressful...Read more

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StudyUp: Online workshops on improving your memory and referencing

StudyUp (an online workshop series designed to help enhance students’ academic writing and study skills) sessions this week:   How to improve...Read more

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Introduction and the Course 158.335

Welcome to blog for the domains of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Cloud Computing (CloudComp) at  Massey Blogs. This blog will host posts on IoT...Read more