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“Do you really belong here?”

Take a look at the foot traffic at a railway station in any of New Zealand’s main cities and the multi-cultural nature of our workforce will become evident....Read more

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Kupu o te wiki 11/02/2019

The word this week is: piupiu (pew-pew) a waist-to-knee garment made of flax   The goup had piupiu made for the bi-annual event.         Kupu...Read more

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EndNote X9

The library is pleased to announce Endnote X9 for Windows PC is now available free for Massey staff and students via our EndNote page. All current users...Read more

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SheepMilkNZ January 2019 Newsletter

SheepMilkNZ January 2019Newsletter Upcoming Events: 2019 SheepMilkNZ Conference,  March 19-20, Tuesday and Wednesday, at Mystery Creek. Registration...Read more

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StudyUp: Online workshops on improving memory & APA referencing

StudyUp (an online workshop series designed to help enhance students’ academic writing and study skills) sessions this week: How to improve your...Read more

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Massey University was first established as an agricultural college in 1927. It was granted full university status in 1964, and holds a unique position...Read more

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Create1World 2018 - Auckland Afternoon Workshop Options

Create1World 2018 - Auckland Afternoon Workshop Options Please select one of the workshop options below by clicking on the link below its description. ...Read more