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Latest Post

Kupu o te wiki 15/10/2018

The word this week is: kanga(corn). Microwave some corn for a quick lunch or dinner in the library. Kupu o te wiki brought to you by the Library's...Read more

Latest Post

Short film fulfils a life-long dream

[caption id="attachment_2169" align="alignleft" width="300"] Lydia Peckham as Andy, in short film Virgo.[/caption] “Never underestimate your ability...Read more

Latest Post

Unravelling the secrets of diabetes

Potential biomarker In order to learn more, Dr Page has been investigating whether a particular protein, beta-defensin-1, could be a biomarker for diabetic...Read more

Latest Post

New NZ Data and Statistics Legislation is in the Pipeline

A number of things happened in 1975.  Microsoft was founded (or Micro-soft as it was apparently then known), the mood ring was invented, the movie Jaws...Read more

Latest Post

Squash court corridor OPEN

The squash court corridor has been reopened. Members, students and visitors to our facility can access the dojo/dance room and mens' and womens' squash...Read more

Latest Post

SheepMilkNZ News and Views (September)

  SheepMilkNZ September Round Up Canterbury Sheep Milk Public meeting. Proposal to form a Canterbury Sheep Milk Association meeting: Darfield...Read more

Latest Post

Mixing Methods

Over the past few years I've become interested in food and emotion. This has made life a little hard for me statistically speaking. I was trained as a...Read more